Learn to Design Video Games in Huntsville!



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WHNT visited our first UAH open house and covered our event. Check it out, we’re famous!

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VGDC is Huntsville’s premier game design extracurricular program.  Like a karate or dance class, except we build worlds rather than kick in front of mirror :]

Designers come to learn the basics of coding, game design, character development, level crafting and more. Flexible and affordable, designers choose three sessions to attend per month, gaining almost 6 hours of experience every month. The program is catered to each designer, allowing them to grow at their own pace.

Once a month, all designers get together for a Network Party where we play Minecraft or work on our games in larger groups. As we build the program, we also hope to create a VR arcade where our designers can also create in 3D space with their own hands.

Apply today for enrollment. We have open houses as well as individual sessions to meet with the parents to review how their child can become a video game designer. They won’t only build games, they will also be building professional skills that will put them years ahead of their peers!